The opportunity

Inclusive Capital Partners is intentionally positioned at the intersection of a new stakeholder paradigm — with the environment and society as the value levers. Our belief is that superior returns will accrue to companies that use, or are transitioning to, sustainable business models to solve environmental and societal problems.

Seeking system change.

We look to the day when corporations value environmental and societal metrics alongside financial ones, because they understand that doing so may future-proof their businesses and can drive earnings multiple expansion.

Unit impact and scale are considered when evaluating potential return and real impact of our portfolio companies. Change requires consciousness of the scale/affordability tradeoffs when optimizing for unit impact, and vice versa. We believe that optimal solutions are ones that make progress on both unit impact and scale at the same time – while recognizing that these opportunities are hard to come by. In the absence of this perfect alignment, it is important that we look for solutions that maximize unit impact, and simultaneously minimize scale tradeoffs. The planet, and its people, require positive action now.

Investable Impact Areas

Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we identified our own Investable Impact Areas – with a focus on climate change, resource efficiency and thriving communities.

Yellow flowers blowing in the wind in front of a mountain, with a blue sunny sky.


With investments in Sustainable Food, Agriculture and Land Use, we identify companies that improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Supporting a Circular Economy, we invest in companies that support sustainable consumption and production patterns. Promoting Biodiversity Preservation, we invest in companies working to protect and restore ecosystems.

Sunlight beaming across the a mountain range and vineyard in the background, with golden foliage framing the views in the foreground.


Investments in Climate Change Mitigation often work to support solutions to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Investments in Climate Change Adaptation work to strengthen resilience and adaptability to climate-related hazards and natural disasters — essential to helping the planet and its people cope.

A man standing atop a boulder overlooking a sunset skyline seen in the background. Tall, sunlit grass waving in the foreground alongside the man.


Thriving Communities investments work towards promoting safe and diverse communities and workplaces. Investments in Quality Education address affordability and accessibility, and we support companies working to improve Good Health and Well-Being through effective healthcare and healthy lifestyles.

There’s no such thing as “one size fits all”.

We work with companies to develop specific metrics core to each company’s unique business model. Our emphasis is on metrics that track the trajectory of the company as it moves forward, and not on how the company performed in the past.